How get into this


In 2014, after working into a company dedicated to the machining of aluminium parts, and thank to the constant communication with our client, we found a gap in the casting sector that they were requesting us to fill.

Building our management team with a person dedicated to this sector with a wide knowledge on it for over 15 years and with the long experience on international commerce in other side of the team, finding out that way our efficient and innovative equipment, we decided to take the commitment that our clients were requesting us by creating ECOINDAL.




What we want to achive

Ecoindals target towards its clients, is to offer them the best technical support, a quality product and the best prices we can get thanks to the innovative equipment acquired, as well as to keep with the environmental compromise that is more demanded every day.




Our first steps

At the end of 2014, the company was established in order to start, as fast as possible, with our clients needs. To do so, we start with few Biomass Furnaces and few casting machines for the production of our customer’s references. We also got a material analyzer to achieve their requirements on the wanted aluminium alloys.




Expanding our services

On the first quarter of 2015, we gave another boost to the company, increasing both production and quality equipment, including a Low Pressure casting machine as a 3D measurement machine, to ensure in the best way possible the measures of our references.

We also include a 3D printing machining to be able to detect any unexpected defect before starting a production, saving both time and money.

In 2016, Ecoindal is certified in ISO 9001, showing its correct protocol and quality process form the beginning.




Where we are heading to

Ecoindal will keep with all the acquired compromises with our customers as with the environment during its path, not stopping on investing in innovative, efficient and needed ways for its continuous improvement and service towards our clients.